Heriot-Watt Aikido Club win British Nationals for 3rd Year in a row!

On the 18th – 19th March Oriam and Heriot-Watt Aikido Club hosted the British Universities Aikido Student Nationals. This event originally scheduled for 2020, however Covid got in the way of the clubs attempt to win their 3rd title in a row.

As it turned out, Heriot-Watt students seriously stepped up on home turf and dominated the competition, winning by what is most probably a record margin, seeing the club claim their 3rd British National title in a row.

Heriot-Watt Aikido Team, British University Champions

Event Winners

Nage no kata – Gold – Jude Robertson & Chris Simpson

Nage no kata – Silver – Harry Neary & Mitchell Chai

Randori no kata – Silver – Miriam Crisp & Andrew Marr

Tanto randori no kata – Gold – Emilia Savin & Mia Calvo

Tanto randori no kata – Silver – Alexandra Burnside Ribera & Husain Mehdi

Goshin no kata – Gold – Mia Calvo & Emilia Savin

Mens individual randori – Gold – Chris Simpson

Mens individual randori – Silver – CJ Anitchie

Mens individual randori – Bronze – Andrew Marr

Womens individual randori – Silver – Mia Calvo

Womens individual randori – Bronze – Alexandra Burnside Ribera

Mens team randori – Gold – Husain Mehdi / Andrew Marr / Chris Simpson

Womens team randori – Gold – Mia Calvo / Alexandra Burnside Ribera / Yasmine Mackenzie-Jones

Player of the tournament – Mia Calvo (3 gold, 1 silver)

With such a young squad, and ex-members returning to help, things are looking good for next years tournament in Cambridge.