The Sports Union, in association with Oriam, will endeavour to provide all students, who choose to join the Sports Union and any of its constituent clubs, with the opportunity of a worthwhile sporting experience while at University.

This includes:

  • The opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports.
  • Access to the appropriate facilities and equipment (non-personal) for a minimum of two hours per week.
  • Receiving coaching, where relevant, at a level appropriate to the student’s ability.
  • Participating in structured competition at intra-university, inter-university and, where appropriate, extra-university level, commensurate with the student’s ability.
  • Participating in the operation of the Sports Union and/or individual sports clubs, with the appropriate professional support, in order to enhance and develop the programmes offered by the Sports Union and its constituent clubs and to give the students valuable administrative and/or coaching experience.
  • The opportunity to engage in a range of Sports Union and club social activities throughout the year, which provide enjoyment, encourage interaction of students from different backgrounds and nationalities, develop long-lasting friendships, and generally enhance the overall student experience while at Heriot-Watt University.