Watt is Rugby?

Rugby is an electrifying contact team sport that blends the intensity of American football with the continuous flow of soccer. Played on a rectangular pitch, the goal is to carry the rugby ball across the opposing team’s goal line to score points, or kick the ball through the opposing teams goal posts. Unlike many sports, players can only pass the ball backward or sideways, demanding teamwork and strategy to advance. Once a player is tackled, the game doesn’t stop; instead, it continues with both teams competing for possession of the ball in a dynamic battle known as the ruck or maul. Rugby’s physicality and respect for opponents make it a thrilling and honourable game. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, rugby offers an exhilarating experience that celebrates teamwork, skill, and pure determination. So, if you’re looking for an action-packed sport with a touch of elegance and camaraderie, rugby might just be the perfect fit!

HWURFC is a club that consists of over 100 members, including players and social members. With rugby training and Strength and Conditioning sessions twice a week as well as matches and social events every Wednesday, everyone is welcome no matter your rugby experience.


  • Mens First XV
    • Mens Scottish Tier 1
    • National Trophy
    • Finished second place last year in the league.
  • Mens Second XV
    • Mens Scottish Tier 3
    • Mens Scottish Conference Cup
  • Mens Third XV
    • Mens Scottish Tier 4
  • Womens First XV
    • Women’s Scottish Tier 2
    • Won the League the same year that the women’s team was founded.


MensMonday17:00-19:00Outdoor Synthetic, Oriam
MensFriday15:00-17:00Outdoor Synthetic, Oriam
WomensMonday20:30-22:00Outdoor Synthetic, Oriam
WomensFriday10:30-12:00Academy Synthetic, Oriam
Strength and ConditioningMonday/FridayTBCOriam


Head Coach – Dave Hampton

Assistant Coach – Connor Young

Assistant Coach – Scott Grassom

Womens Coach – Conner Young

Committee 23/24

President – Rory Seymour

Vice President – Jamie Stephen

Vice President – Devan Anderson

Coordinator – Tom Meyer

Events Secretary – Andrew Mitchell

Social Secretary – Harvey Sleigh

Social Secretary – Mirryn McDonald

Social Media Secretary – Cian Smith

Player Manager – Murray Woodcock

Tour Secretary – Jack Sleigh


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Malones Edinburgh

Social Media

Instagram – hwurfc

Facebook – Heriot Watt University Rugby Club