About Our Club

Heriot-Watt Kayak Club is increasing in numbers each year and is an amazing way to see the lovely Scottish natural scenery and enjoy a new or developing skill. The club welcomes lots of beginners each year, and there are quiet trips as well as ones for adrenaline junkies. There are also plenty of socials and lots of super people to meet!

Our club charter

We aim to provide the following service to all our members:

  1. To promote kayaking to the student community and attract new members to the sport.
  2. To provide members with the training they require to enjoy paddle sports safely.
  3. To compete in any competitions where there is enough interest and develop game or race skills.

What does a typical season involve?

Weekly practice sessions in a local swimming pool, as well as monthly sessions in a safe, artificial, white-water environment. We have fun expert coaches to help develop your skills in the sport, so you can enjoy your trips and competitions more.

We meet on Fridays at 6pm at the shed in between Oriam, for a session at night which is usually followed by food and drinks in the Student Union.

Trips are held twice a month during the semester to a variety of rivers throughout Scotland, catering for every skill level.

We participate in UK-wide kayaking events including the Wet West Paddlefest and the famous National Student Rodeo.