About Our Club

Here at Heriot-Watt Fencing Club, we welcome all levels of fencers: from absolute beginners to international competitors. We fence Foil, Epee and Sabre and our qualified coaches will help you to develop your fencing to the next level. 
We provide all the necessary kit at no extra cost – keeping you safe and your wallet happy! 

So, if you have never fenced before or if you have won national medals, we are the club for you. 

Our club charter

We aim to provide the following service to all our members: 

  1. To provide an opportunity for any member to practice the sport with the assistance of a coach. 
  1. To provide a range of competitive opportunities to allow members to compete individually and/or for the University. 
  1. To provide an opportunity for members to gain a worthwhile social experience through the sport. 

What does a typical season involve?


We have multiple qualified coaches within the club, who are all available to give lessons in both bladework and footwork, as well as improving general fitness.  

We typically start a session with a warm-up and some fencing specific exercises and drills, before kitting up for practice matches and individual lessons.  

There are always a great variety of people to fence, from absolute beginners to high level athletes. This means you’ll gain lots of experience fencing people of your own ability, as well as learning from some of the best. 


There are a variety of competitions held throughout the year, allowing you to compete not only individually, but also to represent our university.  

We provide our members with updates on all the upcoming competitions.  

Whether it be Student competitions, Opens, or Beginners events there are plenty of opportunities to compete if you wish.  


We host a variety of socials throughout the year, so there are always plenty of opportunities to have fun and engage with your clubmates outside of our training times. There is always something to suit and our committee are always open to new suggestions!