Watt is Fencing?

Fencing is a 3 weapon sport consisting of Foil, Sabre and Epee. Not only is Fencing a sport, but it is an engaging mental activity where it helps to enhance your focus, tactical thinking  and cunning skills during each session. With a duel consisting of 2 people of the agreed chosen weapon, they would spar against one another with the common aim of hitting the opposition without being hit themselves. This can be done through many tactics in offence and defence strategies such as parry and riposte. With the club providing protective clothing, a sturdy mask and an inviting atmosphere, fencing will be a joy to anyone who picks up a blade! 


We have a steady and continuing growth in our Men’s team and a newly founded Women’s team! Both teams compete in BUCS regularly in their groups and also as individuals in the SSS competitions in all three weapons. Competitions are optional for students to attend or join but it is a great chance to meet other similar students from other UK universities and to have a fun time. 


Our club trains at the Sports Hall 2 located in the Oriam at the Heriot Watt Edinburgh Campus, with training sessions occurring twice a week during term time. Wednesday from 3pm- 6pm which includes 2 training sessions, and Friday 5:15pm to 6:45pm.  

The fencing clubs main coach is Ken Rose, who specialises in Foil mainly and in thorough warm ups. Paolo Trezzi is our second coach who mainly specialises in Epee. 

The 2023/2024 committee include: Salma Ahmad as President, Jennifer-Rose Tennant as Treasurer and Walliss Mooney as Social Secretary.


We host a variety of socials throughout the year, so there are always plenty of opportunities to have fun and engage with your clubmates outside of our training times. There is always something to suit and our committee are always open to new suggestions! 

Find us on instagram @hwufencingofficial