Platinum Award Winners: Over 500 Hours

Basketball ClubStewart Morgan
Boat ClubGeorgy Borisochev
Cheerleading ClubClaire McGovern
Dance ClubHannah Wildsmith
Fencing ClubBenedikt Schuessler
Netball ClubAlice Tilly 
Rugby ClubGrant Salisbury 
Squash ClubBen Graham

Stewart Morgan

Sport Union Experience: 17/18 Basketball Treasurer, 18/19 & 19/20 Basketball President, 18/19 SU Event Ambassador, 20/21 SU Lead Health & Wellbeing Ambassador, 20/21 Basketball Club Community Officer.

The Sports Union has been a staple experience throughout my 5 years at Heriot-Watt University. After my first year, I was keen to get involved with my beloved basketball club as part of the committee and enhance my CV. It soon became a real passion of mine to give back to the club and Sports Union as I was quick to realise sport is so much more than a physical activity. It’s a lifestyle and escape from the everyday University stress. The Watt family is a home away from home and being a part of offering an exceptional experience to other students has undoubtedly left me with my most memorable moments throughout University.”

Georgy Borisochev

Sport Union Experience: 16/17 & 17/18 Boat Club Equipment Manager, 20/21 Boat Club Secretary.

“I have been involved with Sports Union and Boat Club in particular for the last eight years, making incredible memories and forging strong friendships along the way. It was only natural that I decided to pay back the favour by volunteering for the club, aiming to provide the same level of experience for new members as I once received. Only time will tell if my efforts were successful, but it has been an amazing journey regardless and one of the biggest highlights of my university life.

Claire McGovern

Sport Union Experience: 17/18 Cheerleading Club Secretary, 18/19 Cheerleading Club Vice-President & Assistant Coach, 19/20 Cheerleading Club President & Assistant Coach, 20/21 Cheerleading Club Head Coach.

My volunteering experience with the Sports Union has been fantastic, I have learned so many new skills and met some of the most amazing people I now get to call my best friends! My responsibilities taught me time management, communication skills and have given me so much confidence! Overall, I am so thankful that I have been given so many opportunities throughout my time at University and I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience!

Hannah Wildsmith

Sport Union Experience: 17/18 Dance Highland Captain, 18/19 Dance Club Treasurer, 19/20 Dance Ballet Captain & SU Event Ambassador, 20/21 Dance Club President & SU Equality & Diversity Lead Ambassador & SU Intern.

For me, University would not have been the same without the Sports Union. Since taking on a captain role in my first year, I have loved being part of the Dance Committee even more every year! Even though there is lots of work involved, I have loved the challenge and break from coursework deadlines. Encouraging freshers to get involved has definitely been so rewarding. Not only has being involved in the Sports Union been great for my personal development and CV, but I’ve also made so many lifelong friends. All I can say is try and get involved as much as possible, you won’t regret it!

Benedikt Schuessler

Sport Union Experience: 18/19 Fencing Club Captain, 19/20 Fencing Club VP, 20/21 Fencing Club President, 2018 to 2021 Fencing Club Coach

Having fenced for over fifteen years, when coming to University I wanted to share my experience with other students and show how amazing this sport is. As a result, I got my coaching license and been coaching ever since. In addition, I further progressed into organising events and revitalising the club as part of the committee. One of the biggest achievements of the club in recent years was to achieve Watt-Mark Gold which only goes to show how much work the entire committee has put in.  But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the great help of the Sports Union who has been an amazing job adapting to not only Covid but the individual needs of clubs. All in all I feel privileged to have gotten the opportunity to be part of the Watt Family.

I would like to thank the Fencing Club Committee as well as Ewan, Eliska and Matthew. Furthermore, a big thank you to Kev Milne who is the current head coach at the Fencing Club and has been a mentor to me and supported me every step of the way.

Alice Tilly

Sports Union Experience: 19/20 Netball Club Social Secretary, 20/21 Netball Club Treasurer, 20/21 SU Promotion & Marketing Executive Officer, Incoming SU Vice-President & Netball Club Treasurer.

When I joined Netball in first year, it was predominately to meet new people and stay fit – I never imagined how much I would get involved and I certainly never realised how much it could positively impact my uni experience.  Being part of the SU is more than joining a sports club and I am so grateful for the opportunities that have opened themselves up to me from getting involved. I have met some truly remarkable people and the family environment that the SU establishes through different clubs, the Ambassador Programme and Shanghai Wednesdays is what makes being a keen bean volunteer such an amazing experience.

Grant Salisbury

Sports Union Experience: 18/19 & 20/21 SU Ambassador, 19/20 SU Health & Wellbeing Executive Officer & Rugby Club Social Media Officer & Rugby Men’s 2nd Team Captain, 20/21 Rugby Women’s Coach.

Volunteering and being involved with the sports union has been the highlight of my university experience.  Volunteering has allowed me to encourage new students to become involved with sport at university, promote positive wellbeing and challenging the stigma around mental health as an executive and become a more involved member of my own club.

Taking on these roles and getting involved in sport allowed me to meet so many different people, some of which I now consider my closest friends. As important as obtaining your degree is, getting involved with the sports union has supplied me with extra CV material and great content to discuss in scenario-based interview questions. I could not recommend taking on these volunteering roles alongside your studies enough!

Ben Graham

Sports Union Experience: 17/18 Squash Club Night Volunteer & Social Secretary, 18/19 Squash Club President & SU Promotions & Marketing Executive Officer, 19/20 Sports Union President, 20/21 SU Ambassador & Squash Club Coordinator.

Many people won’t come to University understanding the benefit sport will have on their student experience, and many may leave without truly appreciating how good it has been. From the moment I arrived for my first tour of Oriam, the energy of the yellow shirted tour guides had a profound impact.

When I became Sports Union President I was involved in the recruitment for the ambassador teams and realised I was not the only one who had this experience. The power of a small gesture in welcoming new students to the Watt Family is compounded by the influence that these students will have on the next intake of students, allowing them too to maximise their University experience through the social, mental and physical benefits as well as personal development  you gain from joining a sports club and taking on a volunteer opportunity. No amount of academic groupwork will provide you with as much job interview material as being involved in your sports club, and you get to provide life changing experiences for your peers along the way!

We are very lucky to have the following people continuing to volunteer for the Sports Union after already recieving their Platinum Awards in previous years!

Basketball ClubAlistair McDermid
Boat ClubEmily Louise Kidd
Boxing ClubBlake Shepard
Netball Club, Basketball ClubAnnie Rebecca Robinson
Swimming ClubJamie Murray

Gold Plus Award Winners: Over 350 Hours

Cheerleading ClubBeki West
Cricket Club, Hockey Club, Tennis ClubKit McCrystal
Dance ClubMaria Glaria
Equestrian ClubGavin Thomas Mackay
Hockey ClubRory Saunders
Kayak ClubGlenn Jakob Bodholdt Jessen
Swimming ClubJessica Maciver
Swimming ClubAnnie Nicol

Gold Award Winners: Over 200 Hours

Athletics ClubDuncan James Cameron
Badminton Club, Squash ClubSophie Dudley
Basketball ClubVictoria Laila Neill
Basketball ClubEuan Stewart
Boat ClubAnna Grace Cubitt
Boat ClubGrace Osborne
Cheerleading ClubAmelia Ellen Stott
Cycling ClubDillon Thomson
Dance ClubMaryam Gough
Dance ClubRuth Kowbel
Dance ClubSarah McCormack
Dance ClubHope Logan Reilly
Dance ClubElizabeth Thom
Dance ClubRachael Young
Equestrian ClubElizabeth Eyre
Equestrian ClubKayla Macleod 
Equestrian Club, Boat ClubHarrison Grange
Football ClubAnne Murrie
Football Club, Table Tennis ClubDan Potter
Hockey ClubEllie Kemsley
Mountaineering ClubLyle Macintosh
Netball ClubVictoria Foster
Snowsports ClubCalum Shepherd
Table Tennis ClubGlenn Hughes
Volleyball ClubDevon May
Volleyball ClubCraig Murray
Volleyball Club, Rugby ClubCalum Macpherson

Silver Award Winners: Over 100 Hours

American Football ClubTheodore Harrison-Drummond
American Football Club, Volleyball ClubFergus Syme
Badminton ClubRuairidh Gordon
Basketball ClubCarla Pinkney
Boxing ClubJoel Meggs
Cycling ClubHarry Brockman
Dance ClubBeth Murray
Dance ClubAlina Pahl
Dance Club Erin Livingstone
Equestrian ClubHarriot Clarke
Equestrian ClubMegan Mallon
Football ClubAonghus Sellar
Kayak ClubJoseph Mowatt
Kayak Club, Handball ClubSamuel Hardman
Mountaineering ClubFinlay Clarke
Netball ClubChloe Alexander
Netball ClubEllen Shore
Rugby ClubFinlay John Belfield
Snowsports ClubJack Tong
Snowsports ClubHope Woolard
Swimming ClubAdam Hewitt
Tennis ClubYasmin Booth
Ultimate Frisbee ClubFiia Elina Ristioja
Volleyball ClubCameron Cumming
Volleyball ClubLuize Luse

Bronze Award Winners: Over 50 Hours

American Football ClubTom McDonald
Athletics ClubFiona Mcarthur 
Badminton Club, Netball ClubAlex Chan-Taylor
Basketball ClubGregor Morgan
Boxing ClubClara Maccarini
Cheerleading ClubCat Gluyas
Cheerleading ClubJade Vincent Borde
Dance ClubHope Christie
Dance ClubErin Ingram
Dance ClubNikole Maliavskaja
Fencing ClubChloe Fielding
Futsal ClubEoghan Turkington
Handball ClubEva Sivers-Stewart
Hockey ClubRonan Kingsbury
Hockey ClubGregor Lamont
Kayak ClubHeather Holligan
Kayak ClubIsla Kelly
Kayak ClubLewis Adam MacGillivray
Kayak ClubKatie Pike
Netball ClubMajenta Montague
Snowsports ClubRuaridh Mollica
Swimming ClubIsaac Fillingham
Swimming ClubAmy Kerr
Swimming ClubEve Short
Tennis ClubAlexander Moreno Avgherinos
Tennis ClubJay McMillan
Tennis ClubRachel Schulberg
Volleyball ClubTalitha Barros
Volleyball ClubFraser Glass