Watt is Archery?

Archery dates back to approximately 10,000BC, when it was first used in Europe. It originally came about as an effective hunting tool, later becoming a method of warfare.

In modern times we use it as a form of recreation and competitive sport, with it making its first appearance in the 1900 Olympic games.

Archery is a very easy sport to start taking part in and doesn’t require any previous training, with the basics being point the arrow at the target and shoot.


We compete in the Scottish Student Sport archery league which is comprised of 5 matches across the year, three held at Oriam and the others at Edinburgh. We also take part in the SSS indoor championships held at St Andrews as well as BUCS. Each event we send a 10 person team comprised of senior archers and novices, novices are someone who has never shot before and is a separate category to seniors.


We train three times a week, Tuesday and Friday from 18:45-21:45 are our main sessions, with a slightly more competition focused session on Wednesday from 12:30-15:00. Training takes place in Oriam in SH2.

Committee 23/24

Club president is Niels Gouw and captain is Jennifer Tennant

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