About Our Club

This sport dates back to approximately 10,000BC, when it was first used in Europe. This sport was originally used as a method of hunting, later becoming a method of warfare. The introduction of gunpowder, made this weapon ineffective and the sport fell into disuse. This method of warfare was revived in the 18th century in England.

In modern times, archery is more commonly used as a recreational activity in the UK. In the USA, it is also used for hunting.

Heriot-Watt Archery Club is one of the clubs that takes part in the Scottish Student Sport program (SSS). There are eight universities who take part in archery.

Over the last few years, the club has enjoyed some success in the sport. Awards have included the award for the best novice in SSS.

Our club charter

We aim to provide the following service for all our members:

  • To provide an opportunity for any member to practice with the assistance of a coach at each session.
  • To provide a range of competitive opportunities to allow members to compete either individually within or for the University.
  • To provide an opportunity for members to gain a worthwhile social experience through the club.

What does a typical season involve?

We have two coaches who attend regularly. A senior coach and a level one coach.

No experience is required, and there is no need to buy your own equipment, as the club can provide what is required.

Competitions are held throughout the year. There are three league matches that the club participates in and the club hosts one of them. There are also the SSS Novice championships, for beginners only, along with the SSS indoor and outdoor competitions.

The SSS indoor and outdoor competitions are where all the clubs in Scotland compete against each other.