Women in Sport Week 2021!

Last week we celebrated our women in our Sports Union during another Women in Sport Week! To celebrate these women, our Inclusion and Sustainability Executive Officer Niamh Mulholland interviewed some incredible women to talk about their experience in their sport.

These stories were very inspiring and it is great to see our women speaking up about their experiences and what needs improved and what can be celebrated.

We are very proud of the fact our Sports Union is not split into genders which makes the Union more inclusive for members to join regardless of what gender they identify as.

Massive thank you to the women who got involved with the video who are named below:

Caitlin Paterson – Hockey Club Women’s Coach

Emma Pedrana – Athletics Club Treasurer

Tisha Nedd – Cheerleading Club Secretary & Coach

Kirsty Baxter – Football Club Vice-President

Anne Murrie – Football Club Women’s Captain

Beth Thom – Dance Club President

Bethany Brodie – Swimming Club

Luize Luse – Volleyball Vice-President

Do you think gender is an issue in your sport?

Do you think your male counterparts support you?

What are some common misconceptions in your sport?

Have you ever wanted to stop your sport because of what people have said to you?

What message would you give to your younger self?