#HWUHalfMarathon: Half Way There!

We are now half way there in our 12-week training programme with our Sports Union Half Marathon Club. From the winter snow, wind and hail to the glorious sunshine we were lucky to get this week; our athletes have really been through the difficult conditions but are still smashing it.

With just over a month left to go, we’ve been speaking to some of our members about what training has meant to them during such challenging times!

“Training for the half marathon has been physically tough but has been so rewarding! Being able to set and work towards a goal, especially during lockdown, has been a great outlet. It has been a great stress reliefs during different deadlines and is a great excuse to get outside and do some exercise while I still can’t play rugby”

– Grant Salisbury (SU Ambassador & Rugby Club Member)

“I’ve started training properly in Week 6 of the 12-weeks plan, due to weather and sometimes work challenges, but so far, I’m really enjoying it as it breaks my working routines, and it really boosts my general wellbeing and my general motivation. Training for a half-marathon helps adopting a healthier lifestyle, it challenges you to go beyond your physical and mental limits, and it definitely improves your overall fitness. Additionally, it gives you a sense of community, which is extremely important and which we are currently lacking due to the pandemic.”

(HWU Assistant Professor, SoSS) Mioara Cristea –

We were so excited to see the amount of engagement with the Club and how many people are getting involved from staff to students at institutions all over Scotland, with having Sports Presidents from Glasgow University to Queen Margaret University.

To see more information on the Half Marathon Club and what training the athletes are following CLICK HERE.

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HWU Half Marathon –

Friday 2nd April!