Watt is Hockey?

Hockey is a fun and inclusive sport wether or not you have played before it is a simple and enjoyable sport to pick up. Teams of 11, players play with a  stick and pass the ball around looking to break into the shooting circle and score into a goal!


Men’s 1 – BUCS Scottish Division 1A

Men’s 2 – BUCS Scottish division 3

Ladies 1 – BUCS Scottish Division 2

Ladies 2 – BUCS Scottish Division 4


The Heriot Watt hockey club has been one of the largest sports club the university has seen for the past few years. Training once a week at peffermil playing fields on a Monday evening from 8:30-10pm. Our new president Callum Fernandes and his strong committee look to continue to develop the club and create opportunities for players who have played as well as those who haven’t heard of the sport. All are truly welcome!


Men’s 1s- Paul Ritchie


Three Sisters


Insta- @hwuhc