Watt is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic football is an Irish team sport, which plays in teams of fifteen a side. It is one of four sports controlled by the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA), the largest sporting organisation in Ireland. Along with hurling and camogie, Gaelic football is played with a round ball that is slightly smaller and heavier than a soccer ball. It is played on a rectangular pitch against rugby style H shaped goal posts. It is  played with a ground ball and both, hands and feet are used to control and pass the  ball. The objective of the sport is to score by kicking or punching the ball into the other team’s goal (3 points) or between two upright posts above the goal and over a crossbar (1 point).

The female version of the game is known as Ladies’ Gaelic Football and is very similar to the men’s game, with just a few minor rule changes.

  • Playing Rules

The ball can be carried in the hand for a distance of four steps and can be kicked or “hand-passed”, a striking motion with the hand or fist. After every four steps the ball must be either bounced or “solo-ed”, an action of dropping the ball onto the foot and kicking it back into the hand. You may not bounce the ball twice in a row. Players may contest for the ball by playing it with the hand or by shoulder charging an opponent side-to-side.

  • Scoring

To score, you put the ball over the crossbar by foot or fist for one point or under the crossbar and into the net by foot or the hand / fist in certain circumstances for a goal, the latter being the equivalent of three points.

A goal is signalled by raising a green flag, placed to the left of the goal. A point is signalled by raising a white flag, placed to the right of goal.

Our Club

Heriot watt GAA is one of the smaller clubs in the Sports Union. It is a great community of individuals both male and female. Within our club we aim to provide an opportunity for any student to participate in a regular form of Gaelic football to their desire and ability. We specifically aim to dedicate an annual introduction of Gaelic football to all new people to the club. And finally, we aim to ensure that every student achieves a worthwhile social experience through the sport. Our club this year is being run by a strong committee of eight students, catering to all the needs of the society and working well together as a team to maintain and improve the club as a whole.


MixedTuesday17:30-19:00Indoor Synthetic, Oriam
MixedThursday17:30-19:00Outdoor Synthetic, Oriam


We are proudly sponsored by the very popular Dropkicks Murphys, who are now taking us on for the second year. Dropkicks served us well throughout the entirety of last year by aiding funds for our annual Champs, providing an excellent venue for our annual fundraiser, ‘Take Me Out’, giving the team a perfect environment for social team bonding, and will continue to serve us well during the coming years.

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