About Our Club

The club caters for people of all levels, from complete beginners to experienced riders who want to compete.

We have teams who compete in the BUCS leagues which involve a novice level dressage test and a round of showjumps (max 95cm).

The club organises lessons for those who are not on the teams, they will be at a stables on a bus route where possible (unless you have a car) and are arranged as often as you want them.

We also organise a few group social rides each semester, such as hacking and beach rides.

As well as the riding side of things, we are a very sociable club. The Sports Union organises an annual ceilidh and ball, which are both great fun and we encourage members to attend. Throughout the year we also hold several meals and nights out.

Our club charter

We aim to provide the following service to our members:

  1. To provide students with coaching and competitive opportunities so they can represent the University.
  2. To provide a full calendar of events to give social members the opportunity to participate in the sport.
  3. To provide an opportunity for members to gain a worthwhile social experience through the sport.

What does a typical season involve?


Training sessions are held every week and are usually alternated between flat work and jumping. You will get to work on your position, effectiveness of aids, ability to adapt quickly to different horses and just generally improve your riding skills.

You will get to practise jumping courses, elements of the dressage test and, everyone’s favourite: non-stirrup work.


We have three teams that compete regularly. Each team has three or four competitions in the BUCS leagues each year. There are also Varsity, SSS and friendlies held annually which are under similar formats.Each team consists of four riders and there are three or four teams in each league.

The dressage event is first, where each rider on each team picks one of four horses out of a hat to ride (so that one person on each team rides the same horse). You then get to see the horses ridden and are then given seven minutes to warm up and get to know your horse before doing your test.

Each team member is scored relative to people on the other teams who rode the same horse, with the person with the best score starting with a 0 and the next having the difference in penalties (0 being the best) and so on. All scores are counted.

The showjumping event is style jumping, so is judged not only on penalties for knockdowns and refusals, but also marked on your approach, take off, flight, landing and get away from each jump. (Marked out of 10 for each fence). This is run in the same format except you only get five minutes and a maximum of four practice fences before you jump your course.

The team with the lowest score at the end wins. There are also individual placings.