The following resources are intended to help SU Clubs, Members and Coaches enjoy sport and club activities, while operating within the restrictions and guidelines established as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  1. Behaviour, Socials & Reporting
  2. SU Policy Training
  3. Oriam & Covid
  4. SU Sport Operations & Covid
  5. Online booking/Track & Trace System
  6. SU Walk-in Registration Form
  7. SU Coaches Sign-in Form

Behaviour, Socials & Reporting

The Sports Union has a strict Club & Member Behaviour Policy in place that includes a zero tolerance approach to breaches of Covid-19 Scottish Government guidelines.

In particular, clubs are strictly prohibited from hosting flat parties or flat crawls for as long as government guidelines continue to forbid such activity. This is due to the higher possibility of transmission of the virus at events such as these and the risk that this could pose to the continuation of sport, as well as damage to the reputation of the club, SU and wider HWU Community.

It is the responsibility of all of us to keep up to date with, and abide by, Scottish Government Covid-19 guidelines. These guidelines can be found on the Scottish Government Website.


If you have any concerns about the behaviour of anyone connected to the Sports Union, this can be reported anonymously using the HWU Sports Union Reporting Form which is then reviewed by the Sports Union President.

SU Policy Training

The Sports Union requires club committees to undertake training on several policies, including Health & Safety and Club & Member Behaviour. These policies have been recently revised to ensure that Covid-19 guidelines are referenced throughout.

All policy training is available to users with account on the Sports Union Policy Training Channel on Microsoft Stream.

Oriam & Covid-19

Oriam operates under a strict set of safety guidelines, which include requiring all visitors to wear a mask when moving around the building (but not while participating in sport and exercise), and changing rooms being out of use. All users are expected to follow these guidelines which are helpfully explained in this short video…

SU Sport Operations & Covid-19

Sport in a Covid-19 world is undoubtedly a bit different to how it was before March 2020. In response to the pandemic, the Sports Union have taken a number of steps to ensure that sessions can continue to be enjoyed by as many members as possible within limits that enable us to keep you safe.

  • all sessions will run under the guidelines set by the relevant national governing body for each sport. Clubs, members and coaches must work with the Sports Union to respond to any changes.
  • all sessions will have a limited capacity which must not be exceeded. The SU has increased the number of sessions to allow as many members as possible to attend at least one session each week.
  • there will be a 15 minute gap between each session to allow for the cleaning of equipment and preparation of the space to ensure it is safe for the next user group.
  • some sports require members to form ‘training bubbles’ for the duration of a training session. Participants are not permitted to mix between bubbles within that session.
  • members must book online in advance of attending a club session.

Booking/Track & Trace

  • members must book online in advance of attending a club session. This is to manage capacity but also to facilitate track & trace in the event of an attendee testing positive for Covid-19.
  • online booking is done via the Our Oriam app, regardless of where the session takes place. Some clubs may ask members to book specific sessions each week to ensure that as many members as possible are able to attend at least one session.
  • please refer to the SU Club Track & Trace Booking Flowchart for a full explanation of the system.
  • please refer to our online booking section for information on how to book.

SU Walk-in Registration Form

Please only complete this form if directed to do so by a member of the SU team. Activities should ordinarily be booked in advance online, using the Our Oriam app.

SU Coaches Sign-in Form

SU Coaches must complete this form for each session attended as a coach.