About Our Club

Heriot-Watt Cheerleading Club started as a society in 2013 and received club status within the Sports Union (SU) in 2014. We do All-Star Cheer, involving a fast-paced mix of aerial stunting, tumbling, dance, and jumps. The club welcomes all levels of experience; whether you have no experience at all or experience in cheerleading, gymnastics, or dance, everyone is welcome. We have been both a co-ed team and an all-girl team, where co-ed in cheerleading terms means mixed male and female. In March of 2015, we entered our first competition and since then have competed successfully every year, except for 2020 due to Covid. Coming back from an unfortunate Covid year where we were not able to train much due to the nature of the sport, we were stronger than ever—placing 1st at our first competition back, BCA Scottish Nationals and being awarded the Gold Watt Mark Award by the SU. For the first time in 2022/23, we will have a Level 1 and Level 2 competition team, Pom team and performance team, with all teams performing and competing at various times throughout the year. Additionally, we have introduced many new training classes involving a tumbling-only class.  

Our Club Charter

Due to the growth of the club and members wishing to compete in recent years and our ambition to adapt to each student’s aspirations within the club, we have divided the club into various teams: a Level 1 and a Level 2 competition team, the recreational/performance team, and the Pom team. We want to provide every student with two weekly practices (one for competitive squad, one for performance squad, and one joint) where we incorporate flexibility, strength, coordination, and cardio training. We also feel it is essential to support our fellow Sports Union teams. 

What does a typical season involve?

The first half of semester one will introduce all the basics to new and old team members. Try-outs will then be held to determine if you are suited for the Level 1 or Level 2 competing teams. Try-outs are only necessary for those members wishing to compete, whilst the recreational/performance team is for anyone of any ability. The competition teams will focus on creating their routine for competitions whilst the recreational team works towards performance at sports events such as Varsity. Since this is the first year we have made a Pom team, this team will likely be a performance team, with the plans to compete in years to follow when we are more experienced. Our competition season usually starts mid-way through semester two!