Watt is Boat?

Rowing is a fantastic sport. Whether it’s on your own or working as part of a crew to get the boat moving fast on rivers and Olympic grade courses. With crew sizes up to 8 there’s and the option for endurance or sprints, there is somewhere for you to fit in. Even for those who feel for whatever reason they don’t fit into typical sports we offer the opportunity to cox. A cox is integral to a good crew and is responsible for issuing commands, keeping the crew in time and steering the boat down the course.


We travel as far as London to row in highly profile races such as Head of River Race, BUCS regatta and Henley Royal Regatta, as well as a training camp at the end of semester 2.

Our beginner troop is incredibly important to us in order for the club to continue to grow and produce excellent results. Our beginners get the benefit of the best coaches and facilities in Scotland, and this is reflected in the excellent results the club achieves. We push our beginners to achieve impressive results and give a lot of time to help them develop.


We are a highly competitive Scottish rowing club. Having begun with just a cox box and a life jacket. We are now the proud owners of 21 boats, 6 cox boxes and plenty of life jackets to go round! This is down to the hard work of the members and the support we have received from the University and the Sports Union.

We train on the water at Strathclyde County Park on a commonwealth standard course as well as on the union canal. We also do land training at Oriam on our indoor rowing machines as well as circuit and strength and conditioning in the gym.


Graeme Cunningham (Head Coach)

Graeme joined the club in 2001 as a student and has been the head coach at the club since 2008. Graeme has experience coaching at all levels and is a member of the Scottish Rowing High Performance Group. His long-term commitment to HWUBC’s success is outstanding and invaluable.

Cara O’Donnell (Performance Coach)

Cara is part of are alumni and has gone on to coach at a number of Scotland’s Rowing clubs and most recently lead the Scottish Rowing – Firhill Youth Project which has been touted as a major success.


We work with The Royal Highland Show every year to help run the showjumping events. It is one of our most important partnerships and requires involvement from all members of the club and friends.


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