About Our Club

Heriot-Watt University Boat Club is a highly competitive Scottish rowing club.

Having begun with just a cox box and a life jacket, the past members of the club are a credit to both HWUBC and the University. We are now the proud owners of 16 boats, 3 cox boxes and plenty of life jackets to go round! This is solely down to the hard work of the members and the support we have received from the University and the Sports Union.

We pride ourselves on hard work and commitment to the club, and travel as far as London to row in highly profile races such as Head of River Race, BUCS regatta and Henley Royal Regatta, as well as a training camp at the end of semester 2.

Our fresher troop is incredibly important to us in order for the club to continue to grow and produce excellent results. Our freshers and older club members get the benefit of the best coaches and facilities in Scotland and this is reflected in the excellent results the club achieves.

Our club charter

We aim to provide the following service to all our members:

  • To provide a weekly training programme that allows members to train as regularly as they wish.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to compete for the University in registered events.
  • To provide an opportunity for members to gain a worthwhile social experience through the sport.

What does a typical season involve?

  • circuits
  • water sessions
  • weights session

During the winter months our training is focused on aerobic fitness. Please note that new members must email the club in advance before meeting at main reception for all water sessions so that appropriate transport can be organised in advance.

We usually aim to do two head races in semester 1 of the year (these are 3-5km races usually completed in crews of 4). Semester 2 sees our transition from head races to regatta season and so the training will become more specific to shorter races. Summer racing involves much shorter distances (1-2km) and can involve smaller boats for the more experienced crews.